North Cyprus Government | CTA Replacement Next Year

North Cyprus Government | CTA Replacement Next YearNorth Cyprus Government – CTA Replacement Next Year

Yeni Duzen newspaper (11.12.13) reports that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports, Serdar Denktas, has said that an aviation company to replace the failed Cyprus Turkish Airways (CTA) will be established in 2014 in order to become the TRNC flag carrier. He says this will improve tourism in the north and somehow believes not have a CTA replacement is holding them back. The TRNC Deputy PM made this statement at a dinner hosted in his honour by the Guild of Travel and Tourism Company at Royal Air Force Club.

How this new CTA will compete against Pegasus and Turkish Airlines has never been made clear. CTA failed for similar reasons Kib-Tek is having problems; operating costs were too high to be able to offer competitive prices. Operating costs were partly too high because of poor productivity and a debt repayment burden. It will be interesting to see how the new-CTA will avoid this without becoming a drain on the TRNC economy.

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