NCFP Opinion | EU Tells Turkey To Pay Cyprus Compensation

NCFP Opinion | EU Tells Turkey To Pay Cyprus CompensationNCFP Opinion – EU Tells Turkey To Pay Cyprus Intervention Compensation

There’s a piece in yesterday’s paper saying that the EU wants Turkey to pay Cyprus £74 million compensation for harm done by the Turkish Army after the 1974 ‘invasion’. Another GC scam? Ankara says it wouldn’t help a reconciliation; logically, the only way it would was if Greece also paid compensation for what they did. And there’s as much chance of that as the Pope becoming an atheist. Too many Greeks have infiltrated the corridors of power in the EU and EC, to my mind. They have been very good purveyors of propaganda. This has the hallmarks of Greece or Cyprus trying to manipulate the EU into making it a precondition for Turkey to join the EU, knowing what the response from Turkey would be. Will there ever be peace out there? I doubt it; the Greeks particularly are still up in arms over having been annexed by the Ottoman empire 400 years ago – and, of course, beaten by Ataturk 90 years ago. The politics of hatred are always far stronger than those of reconciliation, aren’t they?

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