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Having just been banned from Kibkom, the reason being that I added a link to another site, a Government information page and not a competitor, I find the fact that just not the link, but the few posts I made have also been removed.

That does not stop people looking. The one and only thread I started which was basically just saying ‘hello’ to those I knew from C44 and giving details of Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21 carries nothing I posted and that includes Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21. I really find that remarkable because this very short lived post has had 769 hits!

The other post, and the one that seems to be being attributed to me, was Cyprusishome’s thread ‘Arrogance Personified’. I can honestly say I put nothing on there to warrant a ban and the innocuous posts I did put have also been removed. Is the world going mad, or is it just Kibkom? Cyprusishome, you will be gratified to know that your thread, even though polly no longer is on it, has 821 hits to date and is now locked also. Or does the name ‘pollymarples’ instil fear in all who see it? LOL.

What is really amusing is the number of moderator bottom licking comments, aimed mainly at me but also Pauline by our ‘fan club’, who have no idea what was said but feel it is a great opportunity to put the boot in. Why have, these inflammatory comments been allowed to go unmoderated?

However I digress, I thought this a great opportunity to give you a ‘forum review’ a la polly.

Kibkom Forum – Is not, and will never be, C44.  It is said to be owned by Soner Kioufi a London Turkish Cypriot who owns a publishing outfit called EYYA Publishing . Mr. Soner acts as a moderator on the forum too. The queen of the mods is Amusing Marion, Marion Stuart, who some might recognise from her musings in Cyprus Star. This publication also seems to feature strongly, providing advertising revenue perhaps? Or is there some connection since both are in publishing? Only a musing, mind you. Mr Kioufi appears to indicate not. Yes I know there is no ‘a’ but it is amusing me.

I award this forum a B- because of it’s over zealous moderating.

North Cyprus Forum – This could be the most successful forum of all if the owner/moderator Nigel Watson were to concentrate on it and stop trying to meddle in other forums. It is a good idea thought of by the wrong person. The concept of a mix of news and debates is very good. This site too suffers from over zealous moderating by it’s ‘schizophrenic owner, bordering on censorship, who seems not to know a good thing when he has it.

I award this forum C- but with adjustments in attitude could easily rise to an A.

Embargoed Forum – This to my mind at the present time has the potential to grow. The moderators appear firm but fair. It is not as well subscribed as I would have expected but I still feel it has the potential to grow. Like other forums it is regularly under attack from an idiot who thinks he is clever enough to fool anyone and his multiple identities fool no one.

I award this forum A-

3Cyprus Forum – This forum is under used, probably because North Cyprus Free Press comment section is used very much like a forum.

I award this forum C just for being there and providing a vehicle to sales.

Perhaps you, the readers can tell us what you wouuld like from a forum? The floor is yours.

Polly Marples

love her – hate her – but you cannot ignore her. xxx

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