in Cyprus Star – 24/9/2010

After having just completed a disappointing what’s in Cyprus Today post we thought we’d have a go at doing the same for Friday’s Cyprus Star. This newspaper has a totally different approach to CT and we noticed that there were a few articles which contradicted the CT articles. One let down, in our opinion, is a lack of property issue articles.

I want to talk to Turkey – having failed to convince Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriot leader Dimitris Christofias is “pinning his hopes” on Turkey to  prevent the failure of his attempt to settle the Cyprus problem.

There’s gold in them thar hills – gold deposits have been found in the south, along with oil reserves, and so it is likely the same will hold for the north

Sheer Lunar-cy – roads dug up in Girne and left like the surface of the moon. Trouble is they’ll have to be dug up again because different EU grants have been awarded to different companies and they cannot work together.

New service to address an old TRNC problem – Stuart Hillard’s Cyprus Damp Cure explained. Editor: see also and

Taxi drivers hit by ‘huge dent’ in takings – unlike the Cyprus Today article which blamed Brits, this article blames private companies such as casinos and hotels for sending their own cars to customers and these cars do not need an expensive license.

Follow my leader on Constitution plan – the ‘Superiority of Idea and Law Movement,’ headed by the former TRNC Bar chief, sent proposals for consitution and law reforms to the parliamentary speaker. Amongst the proposals for change were ones requiring a court order for police to enter homes, protection of the first 100m of shoreline, details of how people can become citizens, parliamentary decisions should be open to judicial regulation and the police should be independant of the military.

South Cyprus restructuring military – 39 tanks bought last month, 309 military vehicles to be purchased next year

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