Cyprus Star – 7/10/2011

Clean energy with lots of benefits – new legislation offers incentives for introducing solar and wind power in North Cyprus. Individual will be able to sell their excess energy to the grid.

Piri Reis docks at Gazimagusa – the Turkish hydrocarbon exploration ship has arrived.

President predicts early election – in the first half of 2012, probably brought on by opposition parties withdrawing their support for the government.

Dollar breaks all time records – with the Turkish government signalling possible support for the lira to prevent further weakening.

South Cyprus will become the richest country in Europe – according to a college professor named Michael J Economides. It will all be because of the massive amount of untapped hydrocarbon fuel they’re going to find and be able to keep.

DGP Chairman calls for the end to bribery and extortion – Editor: and there was no reply.

Crash helmets become compulsory for motorcyclists – 320TL fine for bikes over 100cc and 175TL under.

Government unable to pay salariesEditor: they’re 5m TL short for paying public servant’s salaries at the weekend. Anyone like to suggest ways they could raise more money?

University set to manufacture Cyprus’ first car – within the next 5 years

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