Cyprus Star – 23/9/2011

TRNC and Turkey signs continental shelf deal – this agreement, not internationally recognised, apparently not only allows the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) to drill between north Cyprus and Turkey but around the entire island. The surveys will be in partnership with a Norwegian company (thought to be Paris-based CGGVeritas) and will be escorted by the Turkish navy and air-force.

Morale boost to Denktaş – he is conscious but his breathing is being supported because of an infection.

Minister sues contractor over bribe claims – the Interior Minister is personally suing contractor Ayhan Arikli for claiming that his Ministry demanded bribes to issue titles for constructions built on public land. Editor: looks like he took his complaint to the wrong department but see below.

Serdar Denktaş: early election is approaching – the DP leader predicts it will be within 9 months.

Uprising against Karşiyaka mobile phone transmitter – apparently the company said they were building a garage but instead erected the transmitter. Residents have started a petition, claiming that people are becoming ill because of it. They have made an official complaint to the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works but it was that body which authorised it in the first place. Editor: they should be careful of blaming the Ministry for making people ill, they might be sued by the Minister for accusing him personally of making them ill.

Restaurant owners are in trouble – the Chairman of the Restaurateurs Union said that this was because the Ministry of Tourism has no “suitable tourism policy”. Editor: he should be careful or else the Minister of Tourism might personally sue him…

Only nine former CTA workers recruited – out of 400. Editor: now what does that tell you?

Bex Marshall will appear at the amphitheatre – despite the predicted rain and the fact that the concert is in the open air

“Midsummer Night’s Dream” cancelled due to storm prediction – because the concert at Salamis is in the open air

 Weather Forecast – today and tomorrow, according to Cyprus Star, it will be sunny and no sign of clouds or rain. The temperatures will be around 35oC. Editor: and tiny gold coins will fall from the sky from the mouths of invisible cloud fairies but not from the black clouds all around me as I type.

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