Cyprus Newspapers | The Star – 30/8/14

Cyprus Newspapers | The Star - 30/8/14Cyprus Newspapers | The Star – 30/8/14


Not exactly grab-you articles:

TRNC President Eroglu attends Presidential ceremony

PM Yorgancioglu attends AKP’s 1st extraordinary congress in Ankara

Erdogan’s first trip as President to TRNC


p.11 ‘Stop poisoning us first‘ – villagers around the polluting Kalecik power station called on the government to help prevent the unfiltered output of the installation. Editor: no government response published particularly important as ‘North Cyprus is third in the world for cancer patients’ according to the newspaper.

p.14 Let’s keep our fingers crossed for electricity – due to the high cost of pumping the ‘free’ water delivered from Turkey to north Cyprus consumers, it will cost more than the water we get now.

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