Cyprus News | Stormy Weather

Cyprus News | Stormy Weather

This has been a roller coaster of a week for the people of the ROC and its unstable financial situation, and to a much lesser extent for the people of north Cyprus who have discovered their investment in an Australian run company is cause for concern.   It must be made clear, that at this stage, it is just ’cause for concern’, no more, no less.

Yesterday the weather took on the general feeling of anger, I do not remember seeing rain coming in sideways before. The winds that accompanied this were horrific.

Many of us lay awake all night wondering what damage we would find in the light of day.  One fence panel down, plants lifted from their pots, some ending up in the pool.  Water penetration under the windows, water on the floors indoors and curtains rather wet at the hems. I do wonder who taught the double glazing companies how to fit windows… I am sure there are some good ones, mine was not.

We have been without electricity for several hours now and I am not surprised because of the severity of the weather during the night.

Hopefully, grey skies are gonna clear, so put on a happy face.

Never give in never give up


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