Cyprus News | Serdar Denktaş Has a Cunning Plan

Cyprus News | Serdar Denktaş Has a Cunning PlanCyprus News | Serdar Denktaş Has a Cunning Plan

Serdar Denktaş, son of Rauf and leader of the Democrat Party (DP) has put into action an odd way of trying to make sure his MPs stay with the party after they are elected. After the last election many newly elected MPs had a habit of swapping sides whenever it suited them. Serdar’s cunning plan is to make it too expensive for his own MPs to switch party by getting them to pay 500,000₺ if they do:

“Myself included, all 50 [DP] candidates have signed such promissory clauses. Our candidates have stated in front of the public notary that they have no intention of leaving the party. The reason is not mistrust. It’s a decision that we have taken as a party.”

Looks like property victims have been going about north Cyprus house purchasing in the wrong way. They don’t need a lawyer or a contract, all they need is a notary in front of whom the vendor has to state that s/he will abide by the contents of the contract. Trouble is, like the MPs, they would find a loophole somehow which would make enforcing it impossible.

Mind you, Serdar seems to be someone who comes up with creative solutions to problems. Perhaps he could turn his mind to the property sector and solve an important problem.

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