Cyprus News Review | International Opinion on Bailout


Cyprus News Review | International Opinion on Bailout

Another take on the ROC banking situation, this time coming from a place I travel through every time I visit the US – Chicago.

The post mortem on the ROC will continue I suspect for a very long time. As one leading Cypriot said in an interview in Euronews yesterday, Cyprus banks are onshore, not offshore. He went on the accept that no longer will the banking system in the ROC be attractive to those from abroad. Maybe that is a good thing, time will tell. He also went on to comment that he did not think Cyprus had been treated as fairly as say, Greece, Spain and Portugal. He said his country was getting ready for the tourist season that has just begun (good luck with that) and that the measures now taken will help on the road to recovery.

I am not surprised to see the youth of Cyprus burning pictures of EU politicians and chanting hate slogans. When will they ever learn?,0,1268325.story

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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