Cyprus News | Parking at Mr Pounds in Girne

Cyprus News | Parking at Mr Pounds in GirneCyprus News | Parking at Mr Pounds in Girne

We drove into the entrance of the Mr Pound car park and were stopped by a young fella who asked me for 3TL. Having heard that you can park for free if you are only going to visit Mr Pound for 15 minutes, we told him IN TURKISH that we were going to Mr. Pound and would only be 10 minutes.

‘Mr Pound, on dakika! Ne kadar on dakika?’

He explained that even for 10 minutes we would have to pay the 3TL. Having repeated that we were just popping into to Mr Pound several times, he still insisted on our 3TL. Because we have been away for 2 months, we weren’t sure what was happening about the car park, so we gave him the money and went into the shop.

When we paid for our goods, asked if it was true that we had to pay the 3TL for the car park. The Mr Pound man said no, we shouldn’t have paid the 3TL in the first place if our Mr Pound visit was less than 15 minutes, which it was. He kindly said he would come out and speak to the car park man.

Well, car park man said we hadn’t told him!! Yes, we had several times. I got quite angry because he was accusing us of lying. Mr Pound man said if we told him (which we had several times) he shouldn’t have taken our money in the first place. After about another 10 minutes we discovered that the car park man couldn’t give us our money back because he couldn’t cancel the receipt. In the end, rather than stand arguing in the sun, we told him he could keep the 3TL as long a he withdrew his claim that we were lying. Mr Pound and car park man continued having a very heated argument as we left the car park by which time another man had joined them, we think the owner of the car park.

No wonder Mr Pound was empty! Welcome back to North Cyprus!

So, the password is Mr Pound, onbeş dakika and don’t give him any money, make sure you agree the time with Mr Car Park and if possible drop your shopper off before you go into the car park!

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