Cyprus News | Kalecik Oil Leak Update

Cyprus News | Kalecik Oil Leak UpdateCyprus News | Kalecik Oil Leak Update

The north Cyprus news portal (16.07.13) reports that more than 100 tons of oil has leaked into the sea off the coast of the  village of Kalecik. The oil spill has spread in area of 5km. According to the report, the oil leaked into the sea as a result of an explosion in the pipes while a ship was discharging fuel to the AKSA electrical power station. This is the second time a similar incident has occurred, the last time luckily only 10 tons was discharged.

Mehmet Harmanci, Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture, said that the accident occurred around 2 o’clock in the morning. Murat Captug, director of the AKSA electrical power station, said that equipment will be delivered on Wednesday, via a ship from Mersin, in order to aid for the cleaning of the oil spill. Captug also said that barriers will be put in the sea in order to prevent the spill spreading, especially in the tourist area of Bafra. In addition, he said that he asked for help from a private company in Turkey, and the company will send a crew on Tuesday afternoon.

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