Cyprus News | Happy Easter to all Orthodox Christians

Cyprus News | Happy Easter to all Orthodox ChristiansCyprus News | Happy Easter to all Orthodox Christians

Whilst we woke up to a balmy 24 degrees Centigrade this morning, I could not help but think how quickly this year in north Cyprus the hot weather came. A couple of weeks ago we were waking up to 14 degrees centigrade.

Yesterday we took a trip over to the south and a combination of the sun shining through the windscreen and the raised temperature left me feeling like a limp lettuce by the time we got home. I broke the cardinal rule and did not take a bottle of water with me.

We tend to forget that the sun is a wonderful asset to the Mediterranean islands and holiday resorts but it should be afforded a degree (forgive the pun) of respect by we mere mortals. Yesterday I was given a timely reminder and suffered a mild case of heat exhaustion which laid me flat for twelve hours. Remember, keep out of the sun during the middle of the day. Early morning or late afternoon is ‘top up tan’ time. Hydrate frequently with water. Do not consume too much alcohol as it has a dehydrating effect on you. Wear a sunscreen and just be sensible.

A reminder to those who are not aware, the south of the island, being Orthodox Christian, celebrate Easter this weekend. The shops will reopen normally on Tuesday 7th May 2013. Most shops will close at lunchtime today. The red eggs are everywhere.

Happy Easter to all Orthodox Christians.

Pauline Ann Read

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