Cyprus News | Happy 4th July!

Cyprus News | Happy 4th July!Cyprus News | Happy 4th July!

God Bless America!

It does not seem like a whole year has passed since I wished my American family and friends a ‘Happy 4th July’ but here it is again.

Well I remember attending the 4th July parade in a little town called Durand, Illinois, a few years ago and being struck by the patriotism of the small community. A town with a name famous in cowboy comics, Chicago just about an hour or so away but still the folks do not see the need to lock their doors and the feeling of community enfolds you like a security blanket. What a lovely place to live.

The first time I visited my friend of 63 years duration in her home and we decided to take a few days trip, I was shocked that she did not see the need to lock up whilst we were away. How comforting is that?

Daphne and I have been friends since we were 5 years old and remain friends. Distance cannot dim that friendship and when we reunite on my visits, it is as if we only spoke to each other hours ago. A friendship that endures and how Blessed I am to have such a friend.

I attach a picture of us at school so many years ago, in the front row the little girl with the specs being so naughty and talking is me and the little girl I am talking to is Daphne.

God bless America, Long Live the Queen and God bless north Cyprus.

Happy 4th July to all Americans wherever you are.

Pauline Ann Read

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