Cyprus News | Finding Ben Needham

Cyprus News | Finding Ben NeedhamCyprus News | Finding Ben Needham

Will Ben Needham ever be found? Clearly his family will never give up hoping and praying for news of him and clearly they hope that whoever took him kept him safe and well.

No one could ever put themselves in the position of parents and family of a missing child, not knowing has to be the slowest and cruellest form of torture.

Without the knowledge of what happened that fateful day when their little toddler went missing on a family holiday, there can be no closure for the Needham family. Here is a summary of what happened, copied from the website

24TH JULY 1991

At around 2.30pm, Ben vanished from outside the farmhouse at Iraklis, a small mountain village on the Greek Island of Kos. A full search of the area was made but no trace of Ben was found.

Ben’s details were given at the Police Station and a photo was provided. Police suggested that vehicles leaving the island by ferry to Athens should be checked. Arrangements were made to meet police at the docks at 3am. No police officer came to help.

25TH JULY 1991

Builders working on another property give statements to the police stating that they had witnessed a white car parked in the lane around 2.30pm the day Ben vanished. They believed the car to have been a Suzuki Alto or similar model. He further stated that the car contained 3 occupants – one woman in the rear of the car, and two men in the front.

Statements were also taken from all family members and Hotel staff using a local shop keeper named Xanthippi Aggreli.

26TH JULY 1991

Police finally inform the Airport of Ben’s disappearance. A woman who worked in a kiosk within the airport reports remembering seeing a child fitting Ben’s description in the airport on the same day he disappeared. This boy has never been traced.

The British Embassy was informed and was asked to help. However no support was offered due to us not being under arrest for any crime and the Embassy’s feeling that the local police had better knowledge and so it should be best to leave it to them.

More statements were taken from family members. All statements were hand written in Greek with no official translator, only the local shopkeeper at the Kos police’ request.

Days and weeks were spent looking around the island and visiting the police station for updates on the investigation, but there was never any news or further leads.

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