Cyprus News | Direct Flight From Turkey to Larnaca

Cyprus News | Direct Flight From Turkey to Larnaca

I remember a few times, returning to north Cyprus from Stansted, a flight would approach Turkey and the pilot, instead of landing and spending an hour before continuing, would decide to fly directly on to Ercan airport. The same has happened with the Greek pilot flying the Turkish football team Trabzonspor to the south to play against the south’s Apollon Limassol in its first game in the Europa League. An anonymous Turkish government source is quoted as saying:

“The squad was flying on a private plane and the captain is Greek. Prior to the flight, the plane’s route was clear. It was scheduled to fly to Rhodes first and then to Larnaca. But the route was changed by the captain while they were in the air. We don’t have any authority to intervene in a plane while it is flying. We have no idea why the captain changed the route. It is out of the question for Turkey to allow a plane to fly directly to Greek Cyprus. Our policy towards the Greek side is clear.”

Obviously, the flight back will follow the prescribed route.

Oh, nearly forgot – Trabzonspor 2-1 Apollon Limassol

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