Cyprus News | Criminals Seeking Sanctuary in North Cyprus


Cyprus News | Criminals Seeking Sanctuary in North Cyprus

Well here is a challenge for the new open and transparent Government of Northern Cyprus.

According to a report we now have more conmen on the run from British justice residing in our beautiful country. In the past few years the police and prosecution service in North Cyprus have been co-operating with various British police authorities over those who would seek to live a ‘life of Riley’ with their ill gotten gains. It will be interesting to see how long these ‘Herberts’ are afforded sanctuary, if indeed they are here.

Amaranta Valley is a testament to what happened when the infamous British felon Gary Robb was given sanctuary and citizenship and in doing so became able to rip off many, many hapless purchasers of all nationalities. Of course, Mr Robb did not act alone in Aga Development Limited and he was ably aided and abetted by some well known locals.

Those days, we are told, are gone. Well here is an opportunity for actions to speak louder than words, if indeed the people named in this article are living it large in beautiful north Cyprus.

Never give in never give up


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