Cyprus Bailout | South’s Banks Closed at Least Until Tuesday

Cyprus Bailout | South’s Banks Closed at Least Until Tuesday

The banks are not going to open again in the Republic of Cyprus until Tuesday 26th March 2013, according to the news to date. However, one can ask ‘how long is a piece of string’, will they open then, or will another reason be found to keep the people from doing what the Ministry of Finance expect them to. Confidence in the ROC Banking System is at an all time low both internally and externally.

If the individual banks have any sort of PR in place, I would say, cut your costs and sack them. Time only gives the situation a chance to fester and those who may have decided not to draw their money out are being given time and reason to change their minds.

Monday 25th March is Greek Independence Day so there was an official Bank Holiday anyway.

So many unofficial ones during the course of this week. This time of crisis in ROC is unprecedented and clearly no one has a clue how to handle it. We are still getting a clear impression of ‘Not Our Fault’ syndrome. NOF is another disease that is often a side effect of ‘Head In Sand Syndome’ HISS. HISS is at epidemic level in both north and south Cyprus.

HISS first manifested itself as a result of the property scam frauds both sides of the border, now NOF caused by a mutation of the HISS virus is widespread all over south Cyprus.

Scientist and finance experts are looking for a cure as I write this, the cure is simple, but will they find? The only cure for both viruses is honesty and justice.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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