Cheeky Birthday Wishes to the NCFP Editor

Cheeky Birthday Wishes to the NCFP EditorCheeky Birthday Wishes to the NCFP Editor

Today is a special day. Today is the Editor’s birthday. I am not allowed to tell you which one, let us say that today he becomes eligible for the British Government to reward him for all his long years of working in the UK.

He has, since starting North Cyprus Free Press, made it possible for us to see all the news, good and bad in North Cyprus as well as overview of world news too.

He has done this at his own expense initially and now gets a little help with the expenses from limited advertising. This just about covers some of the running costs but anyone who imagines that he makes anything from it has a very vivid imagination.

Today is your day Malcolm and a famous bum from your garden wishes to join in with me in saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and thank you for your time and effort put into North Cyprus Free Press.

Pauline and Agile



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