The North Cyprus Forums fight to replace Cyprus 44 replaces C44Obviously I would like you to use the Forum I run, known as ‘3C’, but I know that this website cannot compete with the more professional Forums now on offer. Especially when they offer such goodies as “£1000 for KAR if we get 1000 members” or “between 50-80% of our profits go to charity.” 3C has Google Ads and we make maybe 50p per day from clicks, on a good day, towards running it and we keep that, so there!

To be fair (not really), he says in a Barry Island accent, here is a run down of the contenders I know of:

Kibkom – 2 guests and I’m one of them

Cyprus45 – it went to a buy&sell website and so I didn’t bother to go any further

Lemon Grove Chat – not really started yet

Embargoed Chat – busiest so far, with 11 active members in the last 15 minutes – RUNNER UP!

3Cyprus – OK only 10 people on but with a larger member base and more posts it has to be THE WINNER!

Oh, so I’m being sent to the 3C NAUGHTY STEP am I, well I don’t care as there are always liquorice allsorts there, ready licked by PollyMarples, and all the best people get sent there and…


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