Cyprus News | Turkish Cypriot Reaction to British Base Agreement

Cyprus News | Turkish Cypriot Reaction to British Base AgreementCyprus News – Turkish Cypriot Reaction to British Base Agreement

Kibris Postasi (18.01.14) published Turkish Cypriot reactions to the agreement between the UK and the south regarding properties on the British bases on the island. Kudret Ozersay, founder of Toparlaniyoruz, said that while the agreement is a positive step it could create problems because,

“From the moment we accept the thought that the 1960 Agreements could change without our consent, damage will be caused to the spirit of the negotiations for finding an overall solution. Therefore, I think that the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey should undertake diplomatic initiative on this issue”.

In the Kibris Postasi, Mustafa Yektaoglu, former MP with CTP, alleged that,

“The agreement is clearly tantamount to violating Turkish Cypriot communal rights”, and that transferring 78% of the territory of the British bases to the Republic of Cyprus is “contrary to the international law and one-sided in favour of the Greek Cypriots”.

International relations professor, Mehmet Hasguler, said that the agreement was a surprise to Greek Cypriots and created the impression that if Britain is giving back territory then Turkey should as well. He said that although this agreement does not mean that Britain has abandoned its sovereign military bases in Cyprus, it was the “first official change of the status quo in Cyprus since 1974”.

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