Cyprus News – Threats to Murder MPs in South

Cyprus NewsCyprus News – Threats to Murder MPs in South

A whole new dimension has entered the debate on the Foreclosure Bill the Government of the ROC are trying to get voted into law. Sinister letters are reported to have been received by Members of Parliament containing murder threats if this bill is voted into law and acted upon.

“Every politician or banker, wherever they go should be accompanied by a whole army 24 hours a day. You will not know where to hide … everyone has a family … we will wait for the right moment, because somewhere someone will make a mistake.” ¹

These words are taken from the communications received although the writer(s) claim not to be terrorists. I beg to differ with them. The moment they threatened to murder anyone to get their way, they became just that TERRORISTS.

What surprises me is that something similar has not happened on the island some time ago, especially where the mortgages involved have resulted in innocent people losing their homes/holiday homes/investment.

True defaulters on their mortgages must have known that a debt attributable to them would have consequences if it remained unpaid.



Pauline Read

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