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Cyprus News – The Right to be Buried

The burial of an ex-pat on the island of Cyprus is an emotive subject. It is equally emotive in the Orthodox Christian south where non-Cypriots who wish to be buried in the cemetery of the village they lived in, are often denied the right. Yes I say right, because surely as fellow Christians and Europeans, they do have that right.

As you can see from this article¹, a British woman wished to have her husband cremated but of course there is no crematorium on the island of Cyprus. Her next choice was for him to be buried in Tala Village cemetery, the village that was their home. No, this was not allowed, the remaining few plots being reserved for Cypriots who had yet to die.

There is now a petition asking for a Crematorium to be built in south Cyprus. I would ask you all to sign it, because I am sure
in the fullness of time, those who die in north Cyprus will be able also to use this facility should they wish.

Sign the Petition
Even in death, it seems the Cypriots rob you of the right to Rest In Peace or have your earthly remains disposed of in a manner you wish them to be.



Pauline Read

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