Cyprus News | Starvation Diet For These Victims


Cyprus News – Starvation Diet For These Victims

This is a sad tale to come out of the island of love. Clearly the fat cats feeding from the trough have no idea just how much the old and proud in their country are suffering.

Rather than beg, borrow or steal, this proud Cypriot pensioner will exist on bread and tomato, not even in the plural, just one tomato. Shame on those who allow this and good for the reporter who brings it to our attention.¹

This happening here and now in the ROC.

Is this limited to the ROC or is it happening all over the island? I have seen first hand how the sometimes illegal workers live on a diet of bread. You would have to be blind not have seen this in the north of the island. Why, because the greedy give the needy as little as possible to work for them. Of course there is a minimum wage, but who is going to complain and find themselves being deported? Half a loaf being better than none.

It happens everywhere, yes I know, but that does not condone it happening on the ‘island of love’. It seems that love does not extend to the old and poor in the ROC anymore than in the north. Witness the pensioners/homeowners who could lose their homes because of the greed and avarice of banks who gave mortgages on homes already sold. Witness the courts who allowed Memorandums to be put on homes also already sold because of the debts of their previous owners. This is happening on the entire island of Cyprus and there seems to be no ‘will’ to address it or correct it.

Shame on them all.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read



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