Cyprus News | South’s Casinos Looking for Funds

Cyprus News - South's Casinos Looking for FundsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus News – South’s Casinos Looking for Funds

It seems that the ROC are more than ready to build their gambling resorts and are looking to foreign investors to fund this project. ¹

This is an enormous undertaking and will cost $billions to get the casinos up and running. Foreign Investors are being sought to fund the project.

I wonder what the owners, shareholders and account holders of FBME Bank will think of this call to foreigners to invest in a country where clearly on the ‘concerns’ of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the US Treasury their branch in the ROC was put into administration and now a forced sale is being considered.

Now thinking outside the box, where else is money laundering considered possible. ²

Is it therefore possible that on the say so of the same august body that had ‘concerns’ about money laundering within FBME that the ROC authorities could act in the same way towards a casino? I am not accusing anyone of a potential act, just thinking out loud.

Would investing in such a project be the same as waiting for the 3 lemons to come up on a gaming machine?




Pauline Read

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