Cyprus News | North Cyprus Law Clinic Seminar

Cyprus News | North Cyprus Law Clinic SeminarWITHOUT PREJUDICE

The Advocates in north Cyprus are nothing if not opportunistic. They have run out of purchasers. They have a high proportion of those who have already purchased tied up in litigation, probably for the rest of their lives and now they need some new money. Bills to be paid, living standards to be maintained. the top of the range car needs changing. Someone has to pay.

Oh dear, oh dear….having got it so badly wrong for us, their clients, first time round, one enterprising law practice is holding a ‘seminar’ on the right way to do things. Pity they didn’t heed their own advice initially, perhaps then many of us would have more to look forward to than years of injustice.

A first in Cyprus!!

The NORTH CYPRUS LAW CLINIC Seminar entitled “Perception of Property Law” will be held on Monday 27th April 2015 and Wednesday 29th April 2015 from 4.00 pm until 6.00 pm in the Conference Room of BHLEX Law firm.

AS A PROMOTIONAL INTRODUCTION to our first course; we are offering the first 15 applicants a discounted price of 200.00 tl per course entrant per day.

Our aim is to help educate everybody whether they be individuals or groups on the legalities of such complexities as Operations of Estate Agents Law & Construction Companies Law, Contract Law, Immoveable Property Acquisition, Rental Law, Leasehold Laws etc. We, here at the North Cyprus Law Clinic are confident that all candidates attending this course will benefit immensely from the subject matter

To make a reservation for this exceptionally informative Tutorial, please telephone: 0392 815 7040 or email: [email protected] or call into BHLEX offices which are easily located almost opposite the Government offices/Land Registry by the main hospital. We have ample parking.” [Kibcom]

The first 15 applicants enjoying a reduced fee 200 lira = 2000 lira but that is just the first session. They think we are going to fall for it, how naive is that?

Call me cynical, call me anything you like, I really don’t give a toss, but surely you employ a lawyer to know the law of their own country, to be fully qualified to look after YOUR interest and not to leave you needing legal action to clean up the mess they have made of your conveyance. Perhaps they should be inviting members of their own profession to attend a course entitled “Perception of Property Law”. Now I would pay to see that….I however would change the title to “The blind leading the blind”.

I see this as yet another cynical attempt by the legal profession to part you from your money. My advice. Keep your money in your pocket. If it waddles and quacks, it’s a duck, best take it to the nearest body of water and throw it in:

Do not buy property in Cyprus…north or south.

Ask Butch….I know he agrees with me.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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9 comments to Cyprus News | North Cyprus Law Clinic Seminar

  • Polly Marples

    One of the law firms Pembe worked for, they gave her the push, but this whole idea sound very like
    the ‘lady’.

  • “Our aim is to help educate everybody whether they be individuals or groups on the legalities of such complexities as Operations of Estate Agents Law…….”

    – 100% with you Pauline – that is THEIR job to be educated on the complexities of the law – that is why we employ them!
    Hell, if we knew all about it, we wouldn’t need them, at enormous expense and with, apparently, no responsibility towards their clients.

    And, yes – DO NOT buy property in Cyprus, North or South, until the respective governments really sort out the mess that is the “Housing Market” here. Even then, be VERY cautious – this island ( North and South ) is full of thieves and liars, who will find ever more devious ways of fleecing you.

  • Polly Marples

    How stupid are they? Fool me once more fool you, fool me twice more fool me.

    Do not give these parasites one penny more of your money. Greedy barstewards.

  • Miltiades

    You silly old moo !!!
    Leave the RoC out of it. You are being screwed right left and centre, it serves you right you senile old fool!!

  • cyprusishome

    Think I will go along and have a listen!!!! And if you believe that then you know nothing of North Cyprus.

    Would be interesting to stand by the door to see how many do have “stupid” stamped on their foreheads.

  • Polly Marples

    CIH Take photos won’t you..then post. lol

    Mutley….easy to leave ROC out of it…all they have to do is release all the toxic loan mortgages from the properties, give the real owners their deeds and then of course get more than half the current batch of MP’s to pay off their NPL’s, then although they still won’t be whiter than white, they will be a dirty shade of grey and one their way to putting their house in order.

    Glass houses come to mind.

    Do not buy in Cyprus….north or SOUTH, it can be fatal to your health, wealth and wellbeing.

  • Polly Marples

    Perhaps it should be renamed…..Buy a dog and bark yourself?

  • Cyprus Sue

    If one cannot enforce the law, what good is this seminar? Considering how many had so called legally binding contracts stipulating that deeds would be exchanged on completion, that no liens or outstanding loans were attached to the property and that the builder would be responsible for his own taxes is sufficient evidence to show that laws can be completely ignored. It also demonstrates that Advocates do not act in safeguarding their clients.

    Some will say that all the above can be sorted through the courts but who wants the stress, the increase in finances and the uncertainty? Typical approach from the legal profession. The session would be more productive if it was about trust, morals and ethics and truthfully identified why the law is woolly and so easily abused.

    You shot yourself in the foot many years ago TRNC, no good trying to convince buyers that it is safe to buy when vast amounts of evidence suggests otherwise. You have always “talked the talk but have never managed to walk the walk”

    As for the South it is only the input from the Troika that has thrown them (kicking and screaming) into action. The same scams would still be common practice and the integrity of their Advocates and developers is on a par with the TRNC. The only sensible advice is not to buy. There are properties in many other Med countries and islands which as a result of the recession are of a similar price range, cheaper flights and more importantly you can buy knowing that safeguards are in place to prevent the corruption so often witnessed in Cyprus.

  • Polly Marples

    Don’t you just love it. These idiots who call themselves Advocates have.

    Double crossed us.
    Double sold on us.

    Now they want to double dip into the meagre funds of the victims to teach u to
    do their JOBS, what planet are they from…Definintely from a parallel universe where right is wrong and wrong is right.

    You mornons got it so wrong for so many of us, deliberately….I personally think so.