Cyprus News | More Animal Cruelty


Cyprus News – More Animal Cruelty

Just as animal lovers in Cyprus are coming to terms with the death of Billy the Cyprus poodle who was put into a crusher machine, we now read of cat called Zeuss being shot in Konia.¹

Fortunately Zeuss is recovering and is well loved.

It would be wrong to point the finger only at Cyprus, but it would also be wrong not to. Point the finger wherever such barbaric acts occur. That it happens elsewhere is a given, but it is not reason why it should happen anywhere.

We read of Blondie the dog who was shot in the face in north Cyprus and were rightly indignant at such a callous act.

Blondie is now well looked after and loved.

Many in Cyprus are up in arms at a post allegedly written by a Cypriot lawyer denouncing those who are bringing this to media attention and damaging his country. It is unacceptable that anyone would justify such cruelty to animals and thinks it is something to sweep under the carpet. Shame on him and shame on anyone who thinks such acts are okay. That he is allegedly a lawyer who should respect the rights of all life is even more regrettable.

Pauline Read



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