Cyprus News | More Animal Cruelty in the South


Cyprus News – More Animal Cruelty in the South

The legacy of the outrage at the way Billy was treated in the ROC gathers momentum. News of the barbaric treatment spread around the world and quite rightly gained the attention of animal lovers everywhere.

Today we read of another example of animal cruelty, this time the dog was chipped and the owners are known. ¹

It is clear that animals on the whole of the island of Cyprus are either fortunate and have good owners or, like Billy and now Princess, are vulnerable and often ill treated.

When you read the catalogue of all that was found to be wrong with Princess when she was abandoned outside the animal shelter, your blood turns cold.

Yes we all know it happens elsewhere, but at this moment in time the spotlight is on Cyprus. The President has made promises of improvement in animal treatment and laws to prevent this cruelty. Now Mr President, you have talked the talk, let us see if you can walk the walk. Animal lovers all over the world are watching you.


Pauline Read


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