Cyprus Must Lead the Way to Prevent Animal Cruelty

Cyprus Must Lead the Way to Prevent Animal Cruelty

Just like you and I, animals too have rights. What they do not have is a voice. Yes I know they can miaoww or bark but we can only hear just that. They cannot say, “for pity’s sake help me’ so you and I must be their voice.

We read with horror the story of Animal Cruelty concerning Little Billy who was thrown alive into a crusher in a Hotel in the Republic of Cyprus. Poor Little Billy was taken to a vet but later died from his horrific injuries. You and I cannot even conceive of a mentality that justifies such actions, but still the Animal Cruelty continues on the island of love. ¹

News of Little Billy’s fate went viral on the internet and quite rightly so. The President of the Republic of Cyprus promised action on this issue, let us hope this was a fact and not just for public consumption.

Animals are ill treated by humans in every country and until we learn to value them as a fellow life forms and treat them with the dignity they deserve, we will continue to read of Animal Cruelty such as these.

ROC is receiving the publicity today, tomorrow it will be somewhere else. So I say to the ROC, be the vanguard in this, show the world how to stop this Animal Cruelty, you can turn this negative publicity that affects your very important tourist industry into positive publicity by treating animals with respect, love and kindness. Not just because it will help your tourist industry, but because it is the right thing to do.



Pauline Read

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