Cyprus Law | University and Bar Association Investigate System

Cyprus Law – University and Bar Association Investigate System

In the south a joint project undertaken between the University of Cyprus’ (UCY) Law Department and the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA) is attempting to evaluate the legal system there, which seems to be much the same as the one here in the north.

Problems which have made this investigation important include the accusation that:

‘a ring of lawyers had set up a network with police stations so that state-offered legal representation applicants would be referred to them, thus receiving big chunks of the state legal aid budget.’ [Cyprus Mail]

Also there seems to be a remarkably similar situation where:

‘complaints filed to the council in recent years, relating to alleged fraud during the property boom, has produced meagre results. According to many plaintiffs – mostly foreigners who claim to have been defrauded when buying property in Cyprus – cases either took too long to investigate or appropriate punishment was never doled out.’ [Cyprus Mail]

On top of these accusations, again remarkably similar to the north, is the accusation that the south’s judicial system is slooooow, on average the time taken to complete a case was 505 days – the second-highest in the EU. I bet there are many victims in the north who would be ecstatic if their case was dealt with as quickly. Looks like the north has the slowest legal system in the EU.

I wonder how long it would take a similar investigation to complete its findings in the north? Stupid question really, it would never get started.

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