Cyprus Law | K5 v Akfinans Bank | Kept in the Dark


Cyprus Law | K5 v Akfinans Bank | Kept in the Dark

This week will see the Kulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank Limited main case in Girne District Court again.

It will be interesting to see if the provision of a court appointed translator is made or if the K5 will have to dig into their dwindling resources and pay for one AGAIN.

My understanding is that the petitioners will have more witnesses give evidence for the K5. Then of course the defendants’ Advocate no doubt will cross examine them. It seems that the turn of the bank to give their case is still some time away.

This is what happened at the previous hearings:

It would be nice if the case and format it would take had been explained to me as a fee paying member of the litigants. I guess, like you, I will just have to wait until I read about it.

It is a matter of public record who the K5 are and I appear as number 12. On a need to know basis, it seems I need to know very little.

Pauline Read

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