Cyprus Law | Have You Seen This Man?

Cyprus Law | Have You Seen This Man?WITHOUT  PREJUDICE

Cyprus Law – Have You Seen This Man?

This man went missing from his law practice towards the end of January, and at the same time he stopped posting on his North Cyprus Free Legal Advice page; around the 23rd January 2014. He also stopped posting on his many FaceBook pages around that time too. Coincidently, around the same time, the FaceBook Hate page stopped receiving posts.Putting aside the fact that he has disappeared from FaceBook, more importantly is that he has allegedly become ‘unavailable’ to his many clients who had paid him up front to represent them.  I am being told that he does not answer either his phone or email. Whilst these clients are concerned about losing the money they have paid up front, even more worryingly is the fact that he holds the vitally important legal papers that many of those clients need to be able to continue their legal fight against the injustices that have been done to them.

I am writing this article in an attempt to help these desperate clients in the hope that one of you may have a clue to his whereabouts.
I have even been emailed by someone who has tried to contact the Baro Council for help and they have not had an answer.   Yes, she has parted with a considerable amount of money too and  been left ‘blowing in the wind’, in much the same manner as my confidential legal papers were.  She did in fact copy in the head of each Baro Counsel area and the ROC Bar. Interestingly the only reply she received was from the ROC Bar which was sympathetic but of course they could not help.
Shame on the TRNC Baro Counsel for if it is true that they are abdicating their responsibility to a member of the public badly used by one of their members. I just cannot believe they could act in such a manner. Hopefully this is not the reason Mr. Bensen believes it is okay to act the way he has and that he believes there will be no consequences.
Pauline Read
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