Cyprus Law | Fraud Is Not a Crime But Failing to Microchip Is


Cyprus Law – Fraud Is Not a Crime But Failing to Microchip Is

gary robbIf there were a better example of where corruption and greed was actively encouraged in north Cyprus I have yet to see it. The unprecedented case of “how on earth was a felon on the run given/bought citizenship in north Cyprus” wins hands down. I refer of course to Gary John Robb.

I am bringing back this article which contains the decision of a High Court Judge at the Old Bailey. I touted it around the ‘powers that be’ in north Cyprus in the hope that some honest custodian of the law might feel outraged enough to do something about the findings which do cast doubt on the honesty of a practising Law Firm, but as usual….no takers.

We are in the 21st century and yet it would seem that some are allowed to get away with crimes of horrendous proportions whilst if you do not get your dog chipped, you risk a heavy fine and/or jail time. You Could Not Make It Up.

There is of course a strong link between K5 and AGA victims …the advocate who was a co-shareholder with Gary John Robb in Aga Development Limited is the same advocate acting for the Bank in Kulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank Limited.

Bank Bum going through the window.Evidence of a break in at K5 by the bank that likes to say ‘get out’.

Was there a prosecution…..err no.

Until there are some convictions for the frauds perpetrated on the purchasers, how can anyone have confidence in the law in north Cyprus?

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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