Cyprus Gas | Cutting Turkey Out Of The Equation

Cyprus Gas – Cutting Turkey Out Of The Equation

Greece is studing the feasibility of a carrying gas from Israel and Cyprus without involving Turkey. The Eastern Mediterranean Pipeline is designed to carry 8 billion cubic metres a year of Israeli and Cypriot gas and would stretch from Israel’s Leviathan field to Greece, avoiding Turkey, and on to European markets through the IGI-Poseidon pipeline, led by Italian utility Edison and state-controlled Greek utility company DEPA.

With Russia threatening to turn off its gas supplies as a result of criticism of its involvement in Crimea, alternative sources are being sought to minimise them repeating these threats in the future. As can be seen from the map, much of the route the pipeline would take is at the bottom of the sea, that’s got to be costly compared to taking it overland through Turkey and onwards. However, it also avoids many of the old USSR states, a possibly wise move should Russian decide to regain its old ’empire.’

eastern med pipeline

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