Cyprus Forums | Embargoed Forum is Down – Is It My Fault?


Cyprus Forums | Embargoed Forum is Down – Is It My Fault?

As I write this, Embargoed forum appears to be down.

If I were a suspicious type I might think it had something to do with the exchanges ‘drearydeidre’ had with certain very well known trouble makers on that forum. ‘Drearydeidre’, for those who do not know is my avatar on that forum. I have always obeyed the forum rules and although some have tried to provoke me into reacting to their gutter level comments, I have refrained from doing so. I do hope it is a blip and not a deliberate attempt to bring down a well run and well moderated forum.

I have been accused of having many names but, indeed and in line with the rules, I have never had a double ganger on any forum. True I had used alter egos on NCFP for obvious reasons to anyone with half a brain.

Yesterday was a real low for those who wish to silence me. I was accused in a crude manner, even of ‘shagging’ the originator of the forum, who I do not know. It seems that some will attribute their own low morals to others without batting an eyelid. They as usual hunt in packs and it was inevitable the king of slime would appear, he did. He said he had heard I was dead, that I had been killed in a car crash in the UK. Seems reports of death are upper most in the minds of those associated with the Hate Group. The report of the death of Hak Hukuk the mythical Advocate who then rose from the dead springs to mind. I however cannot claim to be able to perform such a miracle since I never died.

There are those who believe that if you wish for something it has a boomerang effect and comes back on the wisher…oh dear, I would be very careful what I wished for.

Back to the topic of this blog. I do hope Embargoed forum is able to recover and comes back stronger than ever. It is, in my opinion, the best forum available to folks in north Cyprus and folks who are taking a break in the UK.

[Editor: in the meantime you could always start to use the Forum]

Pauline Read

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