Cyprus Ex-Student Launches Causes Of Climate Change Free Course

Cyprus Student Launches Causes Of Climate Change Free CourseRepresentatives from 175 nations, including Cyprus, have officially signed up to the UN Paris Climate Agreement calling on immediate worldwide action to curb CO2 emissions. The agreement places a special emphasis on the need for help from the public to combat climate change through understanding the causes of climate change. It calls on all countries “to enhance climate change education, training, public awareness, public participation and public access to information.”

Daniel Butler-Doyle, American Academy (Larnaca) graduate and co-founder of Cambridge-based ‘Roasted’, said: “We need to help education climb up to the 21st century to solve 21st century problems. … ”

He continued: “As the UN Climate Agreement is implemented in each country, millions of new jobs will be created. We are about to see major changes in the workforce as the world shifts to a zero-carbon economy. Decent work and quality jobs are going to go to those with a good working knowledge of global warming causes and climate change solutions. With that change comes the need for new educational and training approaches.”

To help meet that requirement he has set up an independent online school open to all students everywhere – especially those who want to make a difference. offers a series of short courses explaining climate change causes, solutions and skills needed by green industries worldwide in the coming months and years.

Butler-Doyle said: “The quirky name, Roasted Elephant, comes from the need to bring to light issues that are normally ‘elephants in the room’ – never fully talked about or acted upon. We started with climate change because that is clearly the defining issue of our time. Closely associated with that is Human Rights as increasing droughts forces masses of people to migrate from their homelands. Other subjects will follow as the online school expands.”

The ONLINE courses are currently FREE and available worldwide. Upon completion of each, an official certificate is awarded that can be used to demonstrate your knowledge to a prospective employer. The courses require no prior skills or knowledge and are designed for people of all ages and backgrounds.

To take the free courses, go to or for further information contact the Roasted Elephant team at [email protected]

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