Why you should never host your websites with 1and1

It started with an email from 1and1.co.uk saying that I’d exceeded my webspace quota by 12Mb. My account allowed only 600Mb and I’d used 612Mb. I checked and as far as I could see I had only about 450Mb of files. I checked further and discovered that on 8/2/2010 1and1 had added a 160Mb file which had taken me over my quota.

I had other things to do, as I was investigation what looked like a DDoS attack on my backup websites at 1and1. It was then that the penny dropped, perhaps the two things were connected? I checked further and then discovered that the Abuse Department had turned off my account because their system had caused me to exceed my quota. An hour wasted trying to solve a problem they had created.

Furious I phoned them, a 50 minute call which I was being charged 10p/min for. At the end of this call I had been “side-graded”. This is a process whereby old customers who had only been allocated 600Mb were put on a contract at exactly the same price and with exactly the same name but with a 5Gb webspace quota. By now the websites had been down 3 days and no one was interested in explaining why a 160Mb file had been suddenly added to my webspace except to say that it could not be deleted and it was there for “security reasons.” The phone call progressed like this:

called 11:53 on 11/2/2010 – you’re in the queue
12:04 Technical Department answered and eventually told me it was not their problem
12:14 passed to Billing Department who said it was not their problem
12.24 passed to Retention Department who changed my contract and passed me back to
12:31 the Technical Department who passed me to the Security Team
12:33 where I listening to dialing tone until I was cut off
12:35 rang again
12:38 Technical Support puts me on hold
12:41 tells me that everything was progressing satisfactorily and that I should wait 2 hours

I waited and then email again when the websites were still not working. Next day, websites still not working, I received an email saying I should wait 24 hours. My websites by now had been down 4 days. At 08:30 on 12/2/2010 I replied:

This is ridiculous!

You add a 160Mb log file to my web space and then turn access off so that all my websites are inaccessible. You don’t tell me that you’ve done this. I spend 50 minutes on an expensive phone call to correct this problem and am passed between 4 different departments with people telling me different versions of what has happened and yet they are still unable to correct the problem. In the end I’m lied to, “it’ll be working within 2 hours.” Now you tell me that you are removing my files and “propagating” a process which will take 24 hours!!! Is Mickey Mouse in charge???

Does this process affect the redirection of xxxxx.com to yyyyy.com? Of course not. Shall I tell you what has happened? THE ABUSE DEPARTMENT HAS DEACTIVATED MY ACCOUNT!!!! Jesus wept, I told 4 people this yesterday and still nothing was done.

It is now 12:30 on 12/2/2010 and my websites are still not working, I’ve waited 24 hours and so now it is time to publish this article.

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