TRNC Tourist Authority wins 1st prize in Berlin

Internationaler Tourismus Börse Berlin 15.3.2010
The Stand of the TRNC tourist authority was awarded the best (exhibition) stand in Europe award. Beating the the Greeks into second place followed by Switzerland in 3rd. The director of the TRNC stand Dr Önel Dorak responded by saying he was very pleased and this was proof that North Cyprus had a good marketing strategy for Germany.

I ask three questions:

  1. If this is the case why then have Berge and Meer travel agents curtailed all activity on this front when in 2006 they reportedly brought 15,000 German tourists to the TRNC?
  2. Why have CTA ceased flying to German Airports?
  3. Why does Dr Önel think that turning up at an exhibition and getting a prize for the most attractive stand is a measure of the the effectiveness of the overall marketing strategy?

Seems to me a bit like advertising strawberries and cream with fantastic photos, but with no product to deliver.

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