TRNC Consumer Association name and shame builders

TRNC Consumer Association

It was something that the Homebuyers’ Pressure Group (HBPG) tried to do several years ago but now, Cyprus Today reports, the TRNC Consumer Association has decided to name and shame builders on their website at Gwen Cassell had brought and won a case against the roofers who bodged the job and, instead of having to pay court fees and wait several years, she won the case quickly and without the usual legal red tape.

One factor which may have made the roofers settle with the Consumer Association rather than to go to court was the association’s threat to place their name on a blacklist on the website. How many times have we said that this was the only way to go about making builders think again about pushing poor standards on us? Previously they may have thought that we would never start an expensive lengthy court case against them but with this refreshing approach operated by the TRNC Consumer Association, anyone can quickly make the dodgy builder sit up and take notice.

You can either reach them on their website or on 0392 228 4683 or e-mail [email protected]

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