TRNC allows gay couples to buy babies but not to have sex!

Well I think we are all aware that you can buy almost anything in North Cyprus, or at least you can think you have if it is property.

Following on the arrest of a same sex couple, for what I describe as doing what comes naturally, it appears that TRNC law takes the opposite view. My researcher in London has found another double standard being applied here in the TRNC. It seems they really do not care what is on sale here; they’ll even allow homosexuals to buy a baby despite not allowing the relationship itself!

Saturday’s Cyprus Today contained an interesting article on the UK page. In Waltham Forest a group of Islamic fundamentalists have declared a London suburb an Islamic emirate and are demanding strict Sharia law. It has to beg the question, what would happen here if Sharia law were adopted? Homosexuality would definitely be outlawed. Human Rights, even TRNC style, would be a thing of the past.

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