UK in chaos, it snowed!

Well, the weather forecasters warned of it for days and as usual, when it actually happened, no one seemed to be prepared. In Poland, with temperatures as low as -16ºC and a snow depth of a foot or more, Warsaw airport is open and operating normally. Back in the UK, every airport is either struggling or closed. Eurostar has been out of action since the weekend and are now allowing only weekend passengers on the Tuesday service. These passengers will have abandoned all hopes of that weekend in Paris and the Tuesday passengers who turn up will apparently be turned away.

Meanwhile, roads are not being gritted, not because there is no grit, it’s apparently because the snow was “unexpected.” The Manager Director of one company managed quite well to get away at 3pm yesterday, and to miss the worse of the snow, but not before leaving a message that all employees had to stay on until 4pm. They left as instructed, into a blizzard, and many ended up abandoning their vehicles and walking miles in the cold. Several managed to fall over and injure themselves and a few never made it home that night. Were they expected to make it to work the next day? You bet. On a more pleasant note, John Lewis bed department, opened it up overnight as a shelter for those left out in the cold.

One motorist spent 16hrs stuck in a car park, and yet he was only one of thousands stuck in their cars overnight. The AA had 20,000 calls, the most they have had for a decade. Trains are being disrupted and either weekend timetables are running or bus services have replaced them.

For all of you that dream of returning to the UK, hopefully this is a reminder of why you should think twice. 6 months of rain and snow whilst in north Cyprus you’re complaining that daytime temperatures keep dipping just below 20ºC. Think again!

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