Take a trip to Istanbul

Having discovered that in August two single Pegasus Airlines tickets from Stansted to Ercan would cost over £600 we decided to try a different method of returning to Cyprus. This consisted of flying from Luton to Istanbul with EasyJet, £180 in total, then using the most efficient www.istanbulairportshuttle.com, £35 in total for the return trip, staying 2 nights at the most impressive Erboy Hotel booked through Alpha Rooms, £105 in total, and finally dining on Ottoman cuisine at their Pasazade Restaurant both nights, £60 in total using their 10% discount card. In addition to this we then flew Pegasus Airlines to Ercan for £45 in total.

Overall this route cost us £425 for two people. Amazingly, we had managed to include a two day holiday in our trip from the UK for less than the price of two Pegasus Airline single tickets! OK, we also added in two bus tour tickets for £35 in total using www.allistanbultours.co.uk

We’re now thinking of spending another few days in Istanbul, this time travelling from Ercan and back. Amazingly, extra days at the Erboy Hotel, half board, costs around £80 for two people.

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