Atlasjet Office in Girne – CTA return tickets exchanged without fuss

Today at 11.10am we arrived at the Girne Offices of Atlasjet, on the Lefkosa roundabout next to the electrical shop. The 4 grandchildren accompanied us and we sat for 10 minutes to await our turn and when it came I gave the old CTA tickets to the travel agent and 10 minutes later, with only a few sentences passing between us, the new tickets were issued for the same date at virtually the same time. As forewarned, we would arrive at Stansted instead of Heathrow  but compared to the problems we expected this was a minor inconvenience.

As an afterthought, almost a victim of the rumours on Cyprus44, I asked if they could change the return tickets, from Stansted to Ercan. 10 minutes later we had those as well. No money exchanged hands, no need to shout, 40 minutes had transformed my opinion of Atlasjet from negative and critical to stunned admiration.

, at 11.10am
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