The south Cyprus government allows unqualified plastic surgeons to operate

big-nosex200In the north we have apparently had Ged the hairdresser put out of business because he only had a level 2 hairdressing qualification. Well you’ll be pleased to hear that, according to the Cyprus Mail, the government in the south does nothing about unqualified professionals even if they are negligent.

A woman in south Cyprus has discovered that the plastic surgeon who allegedly botched operations on herself and her sons is not controlled by the state or the medical association.

Soulla Elia and her sons all have nose problems which caused breathing problems. After €7,000 worth of operations all three still had the breathing problems but now their noses were badly bent. She then discovered that the private doctor was allegedly unqualified to perform the plastic surgery part of the operations.

She approached the Cyprus Medical Association ethics committee and was told they had no authority over mistakes by doctors, even in the case of negligence. She then approached the state’s Department of Medical and Public Health Services who told her that they only had authority over complaints made against state doctors. They even sent her back to the Medical Association.

To her disgust she discovered that the only way she would be able to seek compensation would be through a lawyer who is currently preparing a case for medical negligence. Meanwhile, it seems, the surgeon is free to carry on working without being qualified.

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