Steve Dickinson – Universal Sigorta’s official north Cyprus expat insurance representative

Although NCFP does not accept advertising we felt the need to publicise Steve Dickinson’s recent move to Universal Sigorta insurance company. The reason for this were the attempts in some quarters to discredit him. This started on Cyprus44 with “europlus,” who has an “agency for Gunes Sigorta,” asking the question “could you please let everyone to know why steve is not Kibris sigorta agent anymore?” They then answered their own question 42 minutes later by writing, “i heard he ows a lot to Kibris sigorta maybe thats the reason.

On several occasions “europlus” was asked to say where this information had come from and they replied, “i am 100% sure we got this info from Kibris sigoorta head office.” They refused to say whether this person was a cleaner there, the MD or a figment of their imagination. They then stopped posting, leaving Steve Dickinson’s reputation tarnished.

In Cyprus Today (p.21 – 20/3/2010) a Universal Sigorta advert has appeared supporting Steve Dickinson and including a statement from him saying that:

“all of my customers are welcome to talk to me at any time to discuss insurance matters and the reasons why working with my previous company became such an ordeal, and the extent to which they have attempted to publicly slander me.”

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