“Starling Supermarket, BEWARE”

This was the heading of a thread on Cyprus44 bulletin board.  The issue discussed on Cyprus44 is short changing in Starling supermarket. I felt it worthy of an article because this happens to me on more occasions than I care to remember, although I personally am not accusing Starling Supermarket of this behaviour.  You would think by now they would recognise the lady who always queries her missing change. No, it still happens. At first I believed they made a genuine mistake until it happened time and time again. I now collect small change to hand over when I see the shrug of the shoulders and the response “no change” and don’t leave the till until I have checked my money. I would say 90% of the time it is incorrect, maybe only a few kurus at times but always in their favour. A few kurus one day, a few the next and sometimes even a few lira. Where does this money go I wonder?

The tourist season is upon us and open season for tourists who don’t understand the money or really don’t care but for those of us who do all our shopping here year round it can be very frustrating. On top of this, one Cyprus44 contributor highlighted the problem of one price on the shelf and a higher price when you go through the till.

Recently I was overcharged 10tl on one item and when I queried it, I felt like I was being petty and needless to say there was no apology when they begrudgingly threw the 10tl note onto the counter.  I fail to understand their mentality when an attitude like that mean that shoppers like me will not return.

As I have already said, for legal reasons, I personally am not going to mention any supermarket by name but read the Cyprus44 thread where they have no compunctions about naming and shaming. However, there is one supermarket that I have found to be very honest – Ileli in Alsancak. They now get all of my trade.


The moral of this story is to try and remember prices of the shopping you buy, check your till receipt and also check your change before you leave the till. You will be surprised just how often this happens.

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