South Cyprus hit by fuel strike

President Christofias’ government has made a stand and, as part of an attempt to control the economy, has capped petrol prices. Throughout the north this is the norm where knowing fuel prices will stay steady in the future helps business stability.  Fuel retailers in the south responded swiftly to show their disapproval of this move to set maximum prices by closing pumps in an indefinite strike until the government backs down. So far the government have been seen as weak and have usually backed down under pressure but with their popularity waning this may not be an option.

For the next 8 days the maximum price for 95-octane petrol is set at 95 cents per litre, 97 cents for 98-octane  and 87.5 cents for diesel.  News of the strike resulted in queues forming at petrol stations. Prices in the south are roughly 20% more than the north so it would not be surprising if GC motorists started making regular trips there to fill up.

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