North Cyprus Restaurant Review | Pink Panther Cafe | Alsancack

North Cyprus Restaurant Review | Pink Panther Cafe | AlsancackThe Pink Panther conjures up visions of the late great Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau and the music, you know the dumdedum… dedumdedumdedum. When movies were not 3 D and animation in its infancy.

Yesterday I visited our own Pink Panther Cafe in Alsancack. Opposite Starling Supermarket on the Girne/Alsancack main road. It was the venue for a meeting with a friend and his suggestion.

I did not meet Inspector Clouseau there I did meet Norman and Natalie who own and run the Cafe/Bar.

I was amazed at the range of food they now do. It is so much more than sandwiches, as reviewed in Cyprus Today’s Dining with Sinead on the the 16th June this year.  They have an extensive menu starting with sandwiches of which there are an extensive range of fillings. They also have a range of other foods too. You should really go in and look for yourselves.

Ladies, Natalie bakes cakes. Delicious looking cakes, calorie laden maybe, but all things in moderation (well maybe). Eccles cakes, something I have seen here before. Home made individual lemon meringue which I confess I did take one home and it was delicious. I have absolutely no control when it comes to cakes so I am glad it was only one, if it had been more I would have scoffed them, they are that good. Agile really doesn’t need to eat cakes, how will he remain Agile, my eating them is really an act of kindness. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

There is also a variety of home made pies for you eat in or take home for tea.  Natalie and Norman are very welcoming and I can recommend their establishment. Especially the cakes. Did I mention the cakes?

Pauline ‘Fatty’ Read

North Cyprus Restaurant Review | Pink Panther Cafe | Alsancack

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