North Cyprus Restaurant Review | Kyrenia Magarina Bulli

North Cyprus Restaurant Review | Kyrenia Magarina BulliNorth Cyprus Restaurant Review | Kyrenia Magarina Bulli

I had already eaten at Magarina Bulli in Lefkosa but I have to say it did not hold a candle to the food served in Magarina Bulli in Kyrenia.

The first time I ate at the Restaurant in Kyrenia was a delight. Agile and I were guests of the Editor of NCFP and his wife. That was such a pleasant experience that Agile and I lunched there today.

The quantity and choice of food is extraordinary, but quantity means nothing if the quality is not up to scratch. Fear not, the quality is excellent. First class freshly cooked genuine Cypriot cuisine just as it says on the sign outside the Restaurant.

Kezi and Kenan who own and run this Restaurant offer a good lunch at a reasonable price. The welcome is warm, the ambiance palpable. They told me they took over this restaurant from the former owners who had moved to the Kyrenia restaurant from Lefkosa Margarina Bulli in October of last year. This will explain why the food is so much better than my one visit to the Lefkosa restaurant, different owners.

Kenan shops daily for fresh meat and vegetables and everything is fresh, no frozen produce is used. I can attest to this since the food was delicious. You will know what vegetables are in season because they will be being cooked to perfection and served at Margarina Bulli.

Be aware, Kenan starts preparing from 8.00 am and cooking so that the food is ready for 12.00 noon, now because it is all fresh, what is ready at 12.00 is for the whole of the lunch/early afternoon trade and when it is gone, it is gone. You go to the display counter where the food is hygienically displayed and choose what you want from there. The choice is enormous and includes hot and cold traditional Cypriot food. You can have as much or as little as you wish, you can go for seconds too. The price is the same no matter how much you eat. In addition to all the usual dishes, on Wednesday Kleftiko is served and on Friday liver.

Kenan who was born in Nicosia but worked for the Royal Mail in England for many years. Kezi was born in England and was in banking before they decided to return to their homeland north Cyprus. They make a simple lunch into an occasion. They have exactly the right approach for all nationalities and make you feel so welcome.

They also do a delivery (packet) service and Ahmed not only makes the deliveries but also helps out with the service in the Resaturant. Ahmed tells me he worked at the Dome for 40 years, well his experience shows and his friendly approach just adds to what is not only a well run Restaurant but a very pleasant experience.

Margarina Bulli can be found at 3 Fikri Terkan Is Hani, Karaoglanoglu Caddesi Girne……..almost opposite Lemar in Karaoglanoglu

Go try it yourself, I know you will agree with me.

Pauline Ann Read

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