F & F Restaurant – Cafe – Bar in Alsancak

After a morning spent outside the courtroom at Girne District Court yesterday, on the way home Agile Chris pulled into the parking area outside F & F Restaurant – Cafe – Bar and said, come on ‘I will treat you to lunch.’

What a treat it turned out to be. The owner greeted us very cordially and made us feel extremely welcome. The menu, which is very comprehensive, contained all the usual things you would expect. Chicken cooked every way possible, lamb, beef all cooked in the traditional Turkish Cypriot ways.

I ordered Chicken Kiev (I know, not very adventurous) and Agile ordered Chicken Iskender. Whilst we were waiting the owner brought us a small lamacun each as a complimentary starter, it was delicious. When the main course arrived, it was well cooked, well presented and a very good size portion, a huge salad with a good variety of vegetable was also provided. Served with the chicken dishes were chips, rice and yet more salad.

Chris became quite animated when he saw the rice had been put into a rice mold before being turned out onto the plate. Chris loves to cook and is a dab hand at onion bhaji, keema balti, garlic rice, pineapple rice and just recently has found out how to make a rice mold as he loves to tell anyone who will listen – bless. When Chris and I first met, he decided to impress me with a home cooked meal. He looked through my cook books and chose a very difficult menu; his first course being cauliflower soup, from scratch. If I tell you that eventually we settled on cauliflower soup as the starter, main course and sweet, it will give you some idea of how long making the cauliflower soup took him. He means well.

Back to F. & F.; neither of us managed to finish all the food, it was delicious but the portions were large. We then were offered coffee and when the owner discovered that we too knew Paphos very well, out came the zivinia, A very entertaining and pleasant two hours, in good company with good food; just what we both needed after the trauma of a morning waiting outside Girne District Court.

The cost of this wonderful experience; we had three beers, two complimentary lamacans, two main courses, two coffees, I won’t mention the zivinia – was a very reasonable 45 TL.

F & F do cup kebap twice a week and will do meat of your choice, lamb, goat, chicken or beef but they do need to know a day in advance.

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